Shout And Punch And Just Have Fun

Larry talks about his son’s high school graduation and his rapid am-scray to Ance-fray. Then we hear about how Larry hates modern architecture and why to fight fire with not fire. He does a tribute to Maya Angelou on Poetry Corner and talks about the film “Notorious.”

Quote Of The Week: “Like a sewage treatment plant in Poland in the ’50s.”

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One Response to “Shout And Punch And Just Have Fun”

  1. Carla King
    2014/06/17 at 9:36 am #

    Thank you for the rant on ugly buildings, it’s something that drives me crazy. In my lifetime, 62 years, not one building has gone up that is beautiful. I really especially hate that stairways don’t lead to doors anymore. they curl around the building and then you search for the entrance.

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