Getting Weighed At A Wedding

Larry has tremendous trouble finding a tailor before a wedding. Plus a BONUS Joke Of The Week! Then Larry talks about “High Plains Drifter” and recites “The Arrow & The Song” by Wordsworth.

Quote Of The Week: “Gee, that guy doesn’t look like he’s from Indiana.”

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Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
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One Response to “Getting Weighed At A Wedding”

  1. Rod Knutson
    2014/06/23 at 3:01 pm #

    Indeed Clint Eastwood made several “spaghetti western” movies with Sergio Leone. But High Plains Drifter was not one of them. The actors were Americans, all speaking English, and it was filmed mostly in California (all in the USA) near a place called Mono Lake.

    Nevertheless, I love this movie, and I’m glad to hear you do too.

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