Mirthquake In Larryland!

Larry talks about the recent LA earthquake and we hear a good joke from Larry’s accountant! (Don’t worry, he has an impressive comedy pedigree for an accountant.) Also Larry tells of his love for the 1939 version of Jesse James. On Poetry Corner, Larry recites “Friendship” by Thoreau.

Quote of the week: “That’s the way it goes when you’re dealing with vampires.”

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Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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One Response to “Mirthquake In Larryland!”

  1. JohnyVile
    2014/03/27 at 4:33 pm #

    Hey TWWLM, long time no hear!

    I heard your new sponsor, Dollar Shave Club. I hope they catch on and your listeners buy in. I heard about them on your show over a year ago and I have been a member ever since. I save about a 20 spot a month using their product, and I got an extra razor for my son! I know I sound like an advertisement but I’ve been puishing them ever since I joined. Me, my son, my brother and two members of the LMDS Upland chapter are all happy members of the dollar shave club. Just thought I’d chime in, ‘cuz I do that…

    Johny Sosa
    G.P. LMDS Upland local 293

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