Live Larry and Prosper (Rebroadcast)

Live Larry and Prosper (Rebroadcast)

Larry Miller talks about the death and burial of a loyal shirt and the socks that loved it. And admits to being a trekkie.


Yes, Larry powers through a cold to deliver another slam-bang-pow (cough) show. After weeks of preaching the wonders of the spit-bucket, Larry talks about the one time he kept eating food on a set. Yes, on this episode, we hear about Larry eating turkey with William Shatner for seven hours. And so much more.

Until next week, live Larry and prosper.

Quote of the week: “I will admit the hula-dancing, green-skinned woman is still in my mind.”

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Show Credits

Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Dr. Chris Laxamana, LMDS

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