Larry Announces His Return & Dine and Dash With Larry Miller (Rebroadcast)

Larry intros this rerun with an announcement about his return to the podcasting airwaves.

For you Larryphiles out there, note that this is the episode that was recorded the day after the “Lost Episode,” which was aired last week. Stay tuned at the end of this show for a little bonus 3 minute promo for this episode that we’re pretty sure was never used.

In this episode:
Larry speaks out against the dine and ditch. You know, the chew and screw? The eat and fleet? The mash and dash? The ol’ grub and snub? (Is anyone still reading?) You get the point.

And why does Larry always get blamed for things? Whatever the reason is, it must be in his chromosomes, because now his kids are getting blamed for things as well.

Then we get to hear about the day Larry learned he could chug beer and him getting knocked out by a left hook. Are these two stories related? The smart money is on “yes.” Later, Larry sarcastically lobbies for giving Guinness to children.

And finally comes the tale of the enemies Larry is inadvertently making on Facebook. Is another left hook coming his way? Again, the smart money is on “yes.”

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us, The Count of Monte Sarcasm has left the building.

Quote of the week: “Watch out for lefty.”

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  1. Michael M
    2012/11/23 at 12:52 pm #

    I truly miss Larry’s podcasts. Godspeed, Mr. Miller.

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