Larry Finds a Nude Beach (Rebroadcast)

Larry stumbles across a nude beach and makes a spectacle. No, not a pair of glasses so he could see better, he makes a spectacle with his reaction.

The great hunter returns from Vancouver with tales of long walks, comedic cheese-takes (not to be confused with comedic cheesesteaks) and eating lunch next to a toxic waste cleanup site.

Larry also espouses the philosophy of finding “another tiny drop,” and no, Mr. Funny Person, he’s not talking about booze. Well, not this time, anyway. In addition, we hear about the deceptively wisdom of Honus Wagner, Casey Stengal and Mickey Mantle.

We also find out that we don’t know what tilapia is. And more importantly, we find out that we don’t care.

So, go polish up your fancy two-tone spectator shoes and take a stroll until you’re walking like John Wayne.

The quote of the week: “By missile it was two hours.”

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Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana



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