Larry Miller: Truck Drivin’ S.O.B. (Rebroadcast)

Larry grinds the granny gear as a chain smokin’, C.B. jokin’ truck driving S.O.B. (With all due respect to Deadbolt.) Yes, hear about how a teenaged Larry bluffed his way into a job behind the wheel of a commercial truck.

The battle of the battered hamper continues in the Miller household. Larry and his wife both respond by throwing their clothes in a pile on the floor for three weeks.

Larry again talks about his reluctance to chuck worn out clothes. Then we hear about a listener who is mourning the loss of his beloved soap bar collection, which was not-so-inadvertently thrown out by his wife.

What’s the difference between the number 6 and the number 9? (If you said 3, you may be right and also possibly a smart aleck.) And we also learn that it’s very, very difficult to park an aircraft carrier in Afghanistan. And learn the difference between white meat and the other white meat.

And by…

Quote of the week: “I’m white meat.”

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana



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  1. big jim
    2012/09/26 at 2:12 pm #

    Great to hear from you, Larry! Can’t wait to hear about all the shenanigans you’ve been up to. And no kidding, having these rebroadcasts to listen to and laugh and smile makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

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