Larry Miller Visits The Book Suppository (Rebroadcast)

Larry talks about his trip to Dallas, continuing his tradition of plugging shows once they are already past. Then Larry visits “Camp Shakeitoff,” a lovely place where we won’t be talking about feelings and there will be no therapists on speed dial.

Also, we hear about possums and their habit of playing, well, you know, possum. Plus, two new segments! And of course, that means two new wacky sound effects.

As always, all stories are guaranteed true, Pluto is a planet and don’t rat to Larry’s wife, you.

Quote of the week: “Thank God it was a paperback.”

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Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Dr. Chris Laxamana, LMDS



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  1. Colt Shackleford
    2012/08/22 at 12:48 am #


    Also,Dr. Chris Laxamana, how much better is it working with Larry than Adam? I would imagine a lot.

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