The Million Martini March (Rebroadcast)

Larry tells how to hide 20 bottles of Jameson’s behind a quart of milk and a sheepish grin. Then we hear about how in marriage math, one hour can equal TWO POINT EIGHT HOURS!

Also, in this incredibly historic episode, we launch the Larry Miller Drinking Society Museum of Glad Tidings and the Larry Miller Drinking Society’s Million Martini March! Some day, you’ll tell your Grandkids where you were when you heard about this. We also get a visit from the joke of the week!

Quote of the week: “There are weddings in Dublin that don’t have that much Jameson’s.”

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Show Credits

Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Dr. Chris Laxamana, LMDS



One Response to “The Million Martini March (Rebroadcast)”

  1. Carl
    2012/07/18 at 1:28 pm #

    Continue healing Larry, we need you back! The old episodes still make me smile, but a new joke of the week would be awesome.

    On a side note, I was grocery shopping last night and saw a display for McClure’s pickles in the deli section – I bought a jar based solely on your recommendation, and they did not disappoint. Both my 3 year old son and I enjoyed some pickle spears and I’ll be heading back for the Spicy variety soon. So let the folks at McClure’s know that Larry Miller’s pickle selling influence extends far and wide, all the way to Marietta, Georgia.

    Cheers my friend!

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