Musso and Frank and Sween (Rebroadcast)

Larry tells tales from the start of the Million Martini March and shares signs of the end of the world.

We hear about Larry and the crew’s trip our for hot shaves, martinis, chicken and waffles. Then he talks about a commercial he saw while watching the Jets game that upset him to the very core of his soul. By the end of this episode, you’ll realize the huge difference between “and…?” and “and by…”

Also, Larry waxes nostalgic for the likes of Anita Ekberg and Anne Jeffreys. Then we hear about what you DON’T want to hear at a silent auction.

That’s right, honey. You’re a winner.

Quote of the week: “That’s the and. AND I’m calling security.”

Show Credits

Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Dr. Chris Laxamana, LMDS


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3 Responses to “Musso and Frank and Sween (Rebroadcast)”

  1. Jonah Olivo
    2012/06/20 at 11:01 am #

    I’m a lover of all things vintage (as are we all here at the L.M.D.S.), and I’ve been researching and obsessing over the swell times of the 1920’s style bars and the classic prohibition era cocktails and such.

    Well, I found place in Los Angeles that I signed up for, that has several different Mixology courses that specialize in the education and instruction of the original
    pre-prohibition cocktail creations.

    I’m so excited about this and it’s better then any new fangled bartending school today would offer!

    Thought you would dig all this. Here’s the link if you guys wish to read more on it.

    Be Well,

    Jonah Olivo
    Long Beach, CA.

  2. SpaceCowboy
    2012/06/20 at 12:06 pm #

    Sauerbraten with potato pancakes + Musso and Frank = Wow

  3. Matt in NH
    2012/06/25 at 9:51 am #

    Homer is Homer, Pluto is a planet, and Larry Miller will return to this podcast.

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