Larry Breaks A Leg (Figuratively)

Larry Breaks A Leg (Figuratively)

Spit buckets and broken legs are afoot in this week’s episode as Larry talks about some of his favorite show business superstitions and traditions.


Who has better taste in Clairol Girls, Larry or his son? YOU make the call! The good news is that Dr. Laxamana has returned to work, more gruntled than ever! Remember, all stories guaranteed true and Homer is Homer! And this week’s guest star is Larry Miller.

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Quote of the week: “It was the Earl of Oxford who worked in the box factory.”

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Dr. Chris Laxamana, LMDS
Web Engineer: Dr. Professor Sandy Ganz

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4 Responses to “Larry Breaks A Leg (Figuratively)”

  1. JohnyVile
    2011/11/18 at 11:13 am #

    Welcome back doctor!

    Had to share two great pan-handling techniques:
    The first, a story – A guy came up to us in San Francisco and he goes into a “soft shoe” routine. While dancing he looks at us and says, “What’s the best nation in the world?” and he continued to dance.
    I said, “The USA!”
    My buddy says, “Jolly old England!”
    He stops dancing by stomping his foot and poses like the good doctor pictured above with his hands held wide and says, “Do-nation!” and started dancing again.
    We both gave him $10

    The second was a sign I saw a homeless guy holding off the 10 freeway downtown that said, “Money is the root of all evil. Cast your sins upon me.” That was worth $20 in my homeless handbook!

  2. DIODE25
    2011/11/24 at 7:40 pm #

    A hedge fund is a pool of money from special (qualified) investors (this can include companies), that is actively managed by a single investment adviser, which invests in many different types of assets.

    It’s different from a mutual fund, pool of money from regular people, managed by a single adviser, which invests in very specific types of assets.

    That’s it.

  3. shellnet
    2011/11/24 at 10:30 pm #


  4. Ross
    2012/01/24 at 12:07 pm #

    I was just told not to whistle _anywhere_ in a theater(on the off chance it carried to the stage)–we were taught that because you might still run into an occasional crew that did whistle. Thhe tradition of retired sailors working in the flies didn’t stop in Elizabethan or Jacobean times; as late as the great Victorian/Edwardian touring companies, sailors(or their apprentices in the next generation) would whistle their exchanges(during the build/load-in & rehearsal only, of course).
    By the way, that whole nonsense about Shakespeare not having the education or upbringing to write as he did has been, to my mind, thoroughly trashed by Michael Wood’s “In Search of Shakespeare”(shown some years ago on PBS): he & his researchers found any number of everyday records buried in archives that show that he & his family were much better-read & a lot less provincial than is commonly admitted, and that they, as part of the Catholic Underground in Elizabeth’s England, regularly listened to a huge variety of accomplished, worldly and adventurous agents being hidden in their house, while on secret missions for Rome.
    One last irony about what remains of those incompetent buffoons in charge at Balaclava: not only do we have the winter hat(the balaclava, although most Americans never called it that) and the cardigan, but raglan sleeves–for the idiot-in-charge in the Crimea.

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