You Can Never Fall Off The Floor

You can fall off a barstool, but you can never fall off the floor. Or so says Larry in this episode.

Larry talks about bending an elbow with some fans in Tallahassee. Also, in lieu of a secret handshake for Larry Miller Drinking Society members, we come up with a verbal code. We’d tell you about it here, but it’s verbal! You’ll just have to listen to this episode.

Then Larry talks about being persistently lunkheaded or lunkheadedly persistent with a big-time talent agent in New York City in the 1980s.

There are updates aplenty this week, include a hamper update, a fourfecta update (formerly the bifecta update) and an all new update that is ever so exciting.

And remember, Larry’s a nice boy with a clean hankie.

Quote of the week:

    “He was already listing to port.”

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19 Responses to “You Can Never Fall Off The Floor”

  1. The Offender
    2011/10/12 at 2:14 am #

    Nice boy with a clean hankie? Seems like an evil man with a large drink is having much more fun.

  2. Genie
    2011/10/12 at 5:37 am #

    Hi Larry. Love the show, listen to it every week since the premiere – it’s a highlight of my Wednesday morning. However!!! Larry, do you really need to ramble on and on and on and oooon about Amazon??? I timed – 6 to 7 minutes out of every show! Why can’t you do it like Adam or Mark Maron – plug and move on. I finally started scrolling forward to keep myself from getting violently irritated. Also, do you notice that you often repeat same stories many times? Yeap, you do. And you always say that you did not get to what you were going to say – when will you?

    • Steve
      2011/10/12 at 7:38 am #

      Shhayd-up, you!

    • WhoKnows
      2011/10/12 at 10:19 am #

      Funny, Genie, what bothers you is exactly what I love about the show. And you say you love it and it’s the highlight of your morning, then go on to criticize what is the basic essence of the show? To the point that you get violently irritated? Doesn’t make sense.

      The reason he doesn’t do it like Maron or Carolla is that he is not Maron or Carolla. They are great, but he is Larry Miller. So, yes, he does need to ramble. And I love it.

      And considering this half hour show often runs to 40+ minutes, you’re still getting 30 minutes of show. And it’s free.

      But Steve said it better than me.

  3. L. E. Whipsnade
    2011/10/12 at 8:38 am #

    Dear Mr. Miller,

    I have enjoyed your show these many months, and I wish to express my appreciation for the distraction your diverting tales provide, in what would otherwise be merely productive moments. I realize my daily work is of no great import in the grand scheme, and that you must rest at ease knowing that some worthy charity would provide for me should my shirking drive me to penury.

    Also know that I do not begrudge the time I am now spending in writing you this grateful note. There are books to be balanced, customers to be served, etc., but such trivia must wait. It is only fitting that your devoted listeners, such as this humble writer, give to you our thanks.

    I shall not stoop to praise any one particular in what has now become endless idled hours of hearing your banter, rather I shall remark that your voice has cheerfully occupied my mind and lifted from it, for a while, the heavy burdens of cares and obligations. In closing, I remain

    Yr. obedient servant &c.,

  4. bigbrew4u
    2011/10/12 at 12:00 pm #

    Definitions of number of drinks ala Larry:

    Couple = three.

    Few = eight to ten.

    Several = 20?

  5. Grant Young
    2011/10/13 at 12:00 pm #

    When I tell my wife I’m going out for 1 or 2 drinks she knows the 1 and the 2 will snuggle up and turn into 12.

    • Sean
      2011/10/21 at 11:24 am #

      Awesome! I’ll be using this one on my wife.

  6. Matt
    2011/10/13 at 2:00 pm #

    You might be concerned that your intro song is being used on another podcast. Warning – this may outrage you…although with your good nature and sense of humor probably not. Anyways your podcast kicks butt.

    • ciga-Rhett
      2011/10/16 at 8:28 am #

      A cease and desist letter must be sent out asap! This will not stand!

  7. Chris Leglamp
    2011/10/14 at 7:29 am #

    I love the new hamper.
    As mine is a large laundry bag on the floor this hamper
    could be a major home improvement for me!
    Maybe I can get one through Amazon with an Amazonian dwarf inside to do the washing?
    Love your podcast. Sincerely,

  8. Jon
    2011/10/14 at 10:57 am #

    I just sent out for my LMDS membership card! I can’t wait to get it!

  9. Matt Hunt
    2011/10/15 at 5:39 pm #

    Happy Birthday Larry! Something nice about the show. You’ll be pleased to know you share this birthday with another distinguished hair-free gentleman of leisure, my 10-hour old son. For the near future, he’ll be enrolled as a non-imbibing member of the Larry Miller Drinking Society. He appreciates the presence of a certain nurse whom your father might have referred to with a “God bless her she’s a healthy kid”. Thus far Samuel has not chosen sides on the hamper front.

    Best wishes,


    • Sean
      2011/10/21 at 11:26 am #

      There is never a bad age to introduce Scotch…

      Perhaps your wife could do the imbibing! That way everyone’s happy!

  10. Jim
    2011/10/17 at 8:05 pm #

    Thanks for another great show! Love the soap and hamper pics. One suggestion. Get rid of the 80s 4 inch ceramic tile counter with the heavy grout joints. Go slab. The soap pieces will look great on it. Oh and you suck at hypo road trip. Those are so easy! CMON!!!! Keep trying though, it’s hilarious.

    • Sean
      2011/10/21 at 11:27 am #

      He was almost right last time! He even got the ding! I feel he was robbed.

  11. Jeff
    2011/10/20 at 6:32 am #

    Love the shows!..I too am a proud owner of a leg lamp, bought as a present by my wife..guess she was drinking beer one night while on the internet. Hope you get to the Milwaukee area sometime, would love to see your live show.

  12. LarryE
    2011/10/20 at 9:55 am #

    Was it Dean Martin who said, “You’re not drunk as long as you can lie on the floor without holding on”?

    (You can’t fall off the floor, but sometimes you can think you will.)

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